Monday, July 13, 2015

Charlotte can swim!

Charlotte, (2 years old) can stay alive in deep water!   This girl has made drastic improvements this summer.  I remember saying earlier at the beach that if she went under, we would be in big trouble because she didn't even seem to be able to bounce up to the surface on her own. But, with lots of pool time and her usual determination/stubbornness, she can now tread water unbelievably well and is making better forward and backwards movements each day.  Both of my kids hated the puddle jumper/any life jacket and while it has definitely made me be at attention more, I'm excited about their swimming ability!  

 And one of my bigger fish and daddy for good measure;) 


Charlotte loves to push off the wall and then come back to it. 

Can't wait for swim team next year;)

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